Mission + Values

Our Mission

Knowing and following Jesus and calling others to as well.

Our Vision

We see Calvary Church as a community of disciples of Jesus empowered by the Holy Spirit, whose love for God and others is manifested in: Commitment to growth in Christ-likeness, dedication to service, and engagement in proclaiming the good news of Jesus.

A Biblical Focus

Our passion is to focus our people on the timeless and authoritative Word of God and to provide opportunities to understand and apply its truth. We desire a church where people are transformed by the Bible and recognize that it is relevant to the needs of all people at all times. We will strive to provide comprehensive and clear preaching and teaching so that we can align all our decisions and ministries with biblical mandates.

An Outward Focus

Our passion is that people around the world come to know Jesus Christ as their personal saviour and so we will consistently minister to physical and spiritual needs beyond our walls. We desire growth in the Kingdom of God and our church, thus we will intentionally pursue ministries targeted to our community, city, country and world. We will strive to include everyone at Calvary in active outreach helping each one realize that the church does not solely exist for its own benefit.

A Worship Focus

Our passion is to be people who consistently give praise to God in an atmosphere of joyful celebration of God’s goodness to us. We desire our worship to be Christ-centred and relevant to the diverse generations and styles of our people and society. We will strive to have worship services that will help our people meet with God and learn from God and we will equip our people for personal and small group worship.

A Community of Love

Our passion is to be a community where people have a genuine sense of belonging, where people are actively loving each other in response to Christ’s love and are governed by a balance of grace and truth. We desire to be a community that intentionally welcomes people without reference to economic status, race, gender or age; we value diversity. We will strive to treat all people with respect and therefore we will build bridges to people and seek to tear down stereotypes. Recognizing that life-change happens best within small groupings of people, we will become a congregation of congregations; groups will be our primary structure where the body-life of our church is expressed, and we will also be a community where other churches can begin.

A Serving Community

Our passion is for all Calvary people to be actively serving using their gifts and talents in Christian ministry. We desire to be a community where teams of people actively serve together recognizing that maturing in our ministry skills is as important as the task in view. We will strive to make the primary role of paid staff that of providing leadership by equipping people for ministry.

A Community of Godliness

Our passion is to be a people who seek the mind of Christ and integrate it into our daily lives and character without resorting to legalism or manipulation. We desire to be a community where the Lordship of Christ and the ministry of the Holy Spirit are priorities and thus we lay aside personal agenda and focus on living by faith. We will strive to be prayer dependent as we create an atmosphere of grace which will be expressed in our worship, speech and actions to one another.

A Culturally-relevant Community

Our passion is to follow the example of our Lord Jesus in pursuing creativity, innovation and excellence that produces cultural relevance. We desire to have programs that are culture-sensitive while not being culture-driven so that we are both relevant and biblically pure. We will strive to create new programs and alter existing programs to fit the new and evolving conditions of a rapidly changing world.

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