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Welcome to Calvary Church Toronto!

Welcome to Calvary Church Toronto! We're so pleased you dropped by for a "visit." On these pages you will find out many things about our church...We trust you’ll find all the information you need. But, of course, you can't get the real-feel of our church unless you come for a visit! We’re located at Pape & Danforth in downtown Toronto right across from the Pape subway station.


We're sure that when you do visit you'll enjoy our authentic, relaxed and welcoming community. And we would value the opportunity of assisting you in any way we can. On these pages you'll see we offer many excellent programs that may be of benefit to you and your family such as those for children, youth and adults that help to provide spiritual growth in a friendly and caring atmosphere.


Whether you're just beginning a journey of asking spiritual questions or you're looking for a place to enrich your Christian life, We're confident you can find it here!




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Were you expecting to find something, but it's not here? Let us know by e-mailing calvary@calvarychurch.ca


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Posted February 2, 2016

Unfortunately, as of February 2nd, the Elevator is out of service until further notice.


Upgrades to the elevator are underway. Click to view an update of the status of the repair.



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Posted February 2, 2016

There are many good things happening in our Calvary small groups (Bible study, discussions, prayer, fellowship and caring for each other) for you to enjoy. Why not consider joining one now?


  • Danforth South – 3rd Saturday afternoon
  • Don Mills – every 2nd Tuesday evening
  • Pape & Danforth One – 2nd and 4th Wed. afternoon
  • Pape & Danforth Two – 1st and 3rd Wed. afternoon
  • Pape Village – every 2nd Thursday evening
  • Scarborough Centre, North – TBD
  • Victoria Village – every 2nd Wednesday evening
  • ALIVE – Wednesday evenings
  • Missions Prayer Group – Thursday afternoons
  • Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting
  • Men’s Prayer Group – TBD
  • Mom’s Bible Study – every 2nd Thursday morning


For more information: log onto REALM and/or contact Paul Frew.



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Posted January 18, 2016

Our next Baptism Service is scheduled for Sunday February 21st. If you are interested in being baptized, or if you want to know more about what the Bible teaches about baptism and how we observe it at Calvary, please plan to attend the class we have arranged during REALtime on Sunday, January 24th.


Do you have questions about Church Membership? Do you want to know the “whys” and the “how to” for becoming a member at Calvary? Plan to join our next membership class during REALtime on February 28th.





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Download/Play #4 - Witnessing God's Way  Sunday February 7, 2016
#4 - Witnessing God's Way
Daniel Winter (Series: Becoming Jesus' Desciples)

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Morning Gathering - 10:00 am
REALtime Groups - 11:30 am
Evening Gathering - 6:30 pm

746 Pape Avenue, Toronto, ON
M4K 3S7
Phone 416-466-3040
Fax 416-466-0945
Email calvary@calvarychurch.ca

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